March 20th, 2002


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I was going to write up an entry for Monday yesterday, but I was way too spaced out to be coherent in the evening. I had started to write one in my palm on the way to work, but I didn't much like it when I re-read it, so you'll not get to see it ;)

But anyway, on to Monday.

Work was work-like ... Magda, a PhD student in a collaborators lab turned up, I'm going to be showing her how to do kinetics over the next 10 days or so.

In the evening once J had got back from karate we went out to Kartouche. This is one of the clubs in town, and it has a student/rock night on Monday nights. We'd not gone before, coz if you're supposed to get up at 6am to go to work it's a little daunting to consider going out till about 2am ;) I'd got a half day off work though, so that made things easier. Once we got there we quickly found sagima and matz, but despite a little wander round couldn't see mart who we knew was there somewhere (he might've been in a corner with a large group of people but I was too chicken (and too sober) to go find out).

After realising we were in the only bit of the club where you could hear 3 different sets of music simultaneously we moved upstairs, where we could see the dance floor over the balcony, and only hear the main set of music. A bit later on we decided that the guy dancing with friends on top of the lit platform was almost definitely mart, and I decided I was feeling courageous enough (ie pissed) to go ask him if he was. So we had a little conversation stood in the middle of the dancefloor, but I got an attack of shyness (it does happen, just less so than it did when I was younger) and ran away again - having first pointed out where we were sat. I'm glad he came and found us and talked to us later, coz he's a nice guy :) And we met his friends too, including alexh, who also seemed nice, though only Alex spoke to us iirc. Mind you, we were all scary old people I guess ;)

My recollection of the latter part of the evening gets a little hazy, coz I got completely hammered. I was a happyfluffyhuggy drunk though, which is definitely preferable to an asleep drunk, or a grumpy drunk ;) I do remember discussing the various men (boys) we could see, with sagima, and it's quite clear that we have almost completely opposite taste in men. The boy Sagima refers to as the "most attractive man in Ipswich" isn't. At all. ;)

Tuesday arrived all too soon - and the hangover was hot on its heels. I stumbled through my afternoon at work, then came home and goggled at the computer till it was time for bed. Thankfully today I felt much more like a human being, and so got some work done (and I've updated LJ now too - two accomplishments in one day ;) ).
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