May 7th, 2002


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Hmm. About the only interesting bit of the whole day so far is that the driver of the bus I was on to get to Norwich station this evening had an argument with a cyclist. It was the cyclist's fault, and was really quite amusing as the entire bus had watched with disbelief as first the cyclist tried to overtake the bus on a piece of road that isn't wide enough for both bus and cyclist to fit, then pulled across infront of the bus forcing the driver to slam his brakes on. Then he sat there (holding up the traffic) shouting such pearls of wisdom at the bus driver as "I couldn't've cut you up, I'm on a bloody bike!" and "You should've bloody stopped and let me past at the top, you've got to give way to bikes!". The bus driver suggested the cyclist go get himself a copy of the highway code and read it carefully (and some other less polite things ;) ).
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