June 10th, 2002


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Oh I ache. This morning was pretty uneventful, except my fight with the tumbledryer plug (it won)1, but this afternoon I went to the gym. I'd got a re-assessment and program change booked, coz I've not been for over a year. So we went through the height/weight/body-fat/etc thing .. no big surprises, body fat is 31.3% (should be between 20% and 26%), weight is ~11stone, waist ~31.5", hips ~43.5". Then she sorted out a program for me, and I did a workout. Lets put it this way - I'll be very happy when I can actually finish the full program. I can do about half the cardiovascular stuff, and almost all the weights stuff. But my arms already ache, and I think everything's going to ache tomorrow. But it's good for me!

1. We use the same socket for the lawnmower as for the tumbledryer, and when the tumbledryer is unplugged the plug falls down the back of the washing machine. J can reach it, but I can't. And so, this morning I discovered that J had forgotten to plug the tumbledryer back in after mowing the lawn on Saturday.
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