June 11th, 2002


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Ah yes. The theme for this morning's music is: Stuff my husband wouldn't approve of ;)

So, into the CD player go: Bon Jovi's greatest hits, Duran Duran's greatest hits, Elton John's greatest hits (2 discs), Wham's greatest hits. And on 5 disc shuffle.

Unfortunately, now we're living in a semi I can't turn it up quite as loud as I'd like.

Ah well ;)
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    Bon Jovi "Runaway"

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Useful things I've done this morning:

  • a load of laundry
  • Cleared out my inbox on albatross (390 -> 4)
  • Updated my CV
  • Printed out my CV and a covering letter to apply for a job at UCL
  • Emailed my CV to a recruitment agency to apply for a couple of jobs (based in 'Essex' which is nice and vague, but we'll see what happens)
  • Emailed for an application pack for another job
  • Started to fill in an application form to email off for another job (ie did the easy bits, I'm going to try and find the rough copy from when I last did one of the forms for this place and copy bits from that)
  • Filled in almost all of my forms for Jobseekers Allowance and printed off a CV to take along to that
  • Washed the dishes
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    Elton John "Sacrifice"