June 20th, 2002


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Oh dear, I'm in chatterbox mode tonight (hence the comments liberally strewn around). Goodness knows why. I've been like it all day though ... but this has some good side-effects, I now have a recipe for tablet (once giant stopped taunting me with the fact that he lives in a country where one can buy it and I don't). So I shall be trying to make that, maybe tomorrow, maybe on Sunday, we'll see.

I've no idea why I've not been updating recently, it's not even that I've not had anything to say - I've composed all sorts of entries in my head then just not bothered to write them down. Even when I'm sat there in front of the computer.

So that's kinda weird.

I've been doing quite a lot - I don't get these people who think they'd be bored after a while without a job. I'm learning a bit of Java - and trying to get my head round OOP. I don't get it, somehow. It's becoming clearer though. I've noticed that as I think of how to program I still think in Basic (the spectrum variety), but it's been a while since I actually did any programming. I've got to get out of that habit though - thinking 'for i=1 to 10 <stuff> next i' when I mean 'for (int i = 1; i <= 10; i++)' really doesn't help me any.

I've also got more games to play than I have time to - at the moment FFX is mostly eating my life. Though I didn't get a chance today coz I spent too much time chattering ;)

I'm also going to the gym - I've managed to go 5 days out of the last 12, and I'll be going again tomorrow. I'm getting better at the program I got given, but the aerobic stuff absolutely exhausts me even with all the difficulties set down a level from what the program says. Still, when I first did it I couldn't do them all at all.

Furry tomorrow - we've got a bit of a housefull. jaq, growf and narenek are coming along ... our new bed arrives tomorrow afternoon too, so they can fight it out amongst themselves as to who gets to sleep in the spare bed. Providing of course that we manage to assemble the new one.

Might be going out Sat night as well - Sonic Flower is on. But, we'll have to see ... I think Nar and Bruce are wussing out anyway ;P

Anyway, I'll stop wittering on for now and actually try and update a little more regularly too :)
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And in all that chuntering along I forgot to mention something cool about this week :) We finally sorted out ordering ADSL, and providing the line test is OK we'll have it enabled (probably) next Thursday. We're not ordering a router till we've found out about the line test, just in case. But wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Should have broadband soooooooooooon :)