July 17th, 2002


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Well, I did the patriotic, royalist thing, and went to see the Queen today. I was in town anyway coz I had to go to the jobcentre and go shopping, but was a little early for the drive past so I stopped and read my book in the sun for a bit till I felt cooked (oops) then moved to the other side of the road to get a good spot by the barriers - the policemen were assuring us that she'd been on the right hand side of the car earlier so if she got back on the same side after the Waterfront we'd be on 'her side'. As it got close to the time one of the managers from Sainsburys (all the staff, pretty much, were out on the road, just a couple had to stay inside for those who were making a point of shopping then) brought out a box of flags and distributed them for free, so I got one of them. And waved and smiled at the Queen as she drove past. I didn't take the camera (I forgot), but I think I'm glad I didn't coz lots of people were saying they didn't think they'd get a good pic coz by the nature of a drive by she wasn't infront of us for all that long.

Yeah, I know there's people reading this who are cynical about the whole thing, republican, or both. But tough. I'm a monarchist at heart, and I'm pleased I got a chance to see the Queen.
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