September 20th, 2002


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In case anyone wondered why I wasn't spodding the last few days .... Diablo II ate my life. I'm about to complete ActII now (well, I think I'm about to go do the last bit). And it's cool :)

I figured I'd better spod this evening and catch up with LJ coz when I looked (briefly) at work this afternoon, I was at skip?=160 ... 200 by this evening, but I'm up to date now. And I've posted.

Work is going well, people seem nice ... I'm actually *gasp* being sociable. Had fire safety training today (yeah, I've worked in the dept 5 years, but they've just got some new set of regulations or summat so everyone's being 'trained') - got told "When the alarm goes off, leave the building. If you see a fire, set the alarm off". How ... enthralling ...

Oh, and I'm gradually getting used to using Macs at work ... I keep trying to hit apple-Q to shut programs at home now too ... mind you, I figure I'll pick stuff up quicker than some of the people I work with - I discovered that apple-click on a selection of files selects the ones that you click and none of the others (it's ctrl-click on the PC for you macphiles), and one of the guys who has used Macs all his working life was surprised and said he never knew it did that.

Work do on Sunday - the two PIs have invited everyone to their house for a small party, I think coz the German summer student is going soon. Hopefully will be fun.
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