October 22nd, 2002


Meme thing

I saw this Multiple Intelligence Inventory thingy on loads of people's friends lists so I did the test just to see. Not very surprising results:

Linguistic = 34
Mathematics = 45
Visual/Spatial = 24
Body/Kinesthetic = 27
Naturalistic = 33
Music = 38
Interpersonal = 30
Intrapersonal = 20

High math, high music ... low visual/spatial. Not so sure about low intrapersonal, but I guess I'm not that introspective (which is what it seems to be talking about).

Some of the questions were kinda funny for me ... like the one about keeping up with recent developments in science ... and the one about have you ever written something of which you were proud and got recognition for from others

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You know, it's kinda nice working with someone who's a much bigger bitch than I am ... whatever I may say, Dylan will've said worse ;)

Work's still happening, got to give my first group meeting next Wednesday, and I've got stuff to talk about which is good, I was kinda worried I'd just have to talk about the project proposal, but I've got at least some starts at data.

I'm gradually getting used to the daily commute again, I've started walking to the station in the mornings which improves it a bit - it takes longer but it also means that I get a bit of exercise without 'noticing' it (ie I get out of breath but I enjoy walking so I don't mind). I've been tired so far this week though - as it wasn't the most relaxing of weekends ... nice though J's parents are they need to be taught to sit down and do nothing for 10 minutes every so often. They arrived on Sat morning, and fixed part of the wall for the front garden, did the garden, sewed stuff up, did the washing up, stuck velcro on things and made me feel quite breathless just watching it happen and helping occasionally. They did pause for dinner (went to the Maybush, was very nice - I had partridge, which I don't get to have often as J doesn't like meat that arrives on the bone), but were up again before us on Sunday (and we got up at 8am) and did more of the garden and trimmed the basil plant and then took us to Tescos (where we spent too much money).

To add to the stress, J's puter died just before they left on Sun morning. We figured it was the PSU, so when we went into to town in the afternoon we stuck our heads into a couple of computer shops ... first one, J asks if they sell PSUs ... "What's that?" "Power Supplies" "Uh <blank look> ... oh, we'll have stock in next week" ... second one, I asked "Do you sell power supplies?" "What do you mean "power supplies"?" "Well, for PCs, yeah?" "Oh. No, don't think we have any of them" ... you'd think that this was some esoteric new-fangled hardware only found in high-end computers or summat from the looks we got.

So we gave up and just did the retail therapy thing - I got 2 books with the last of my book tokens ... "A Darkness at Sethanon" by Raymond Feist and "Revelation Space" by Alastair Reynolds. And J bought CDs on a large scale as he'd got tokens. The one I've paid any attention to (The Rolling Stones best-of) seems good, I particularly like "Mother's Little Helper".

Fixed the dead PC in the end, btw - called sagima and bought a power supply off him, and then discovered that it might be the power cord that was the problem too :( We'd tested it straight off by powering up J's parents' new puter (which we'd built from left overs) with the cable from J's puter, and it worked (this being after J's puter died). But what I can't remember is if the second test was before or after this - I plugged the monitor in to the back of J's puter to draw its power from there (to test if the PSU was getting any power to send out to the monitor) and there was this flash when I powered it up and I pulled the cable out sharpish. But I can't remember if this was after or before we'd tested the cable. So I may've killed the cable with the dodgy PSU.

So not a relaxing weekend by any stretch of the imagination. Roll on next weekend (though there's a Furry, so I'll do the up-for-nearly-24-hours-on-Friday thing, which isn't specially relaxing ;) ).
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