January 11th, 2003


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I succeeded in going to the gym Wednesday and Friday evenings, and sosiouxme was right - I didn't ache nearly as much after them as I'd done after Monday's session. Hopefully I'll keep this up, it'd probably be a good thing not to get quite so out of breath just walking up the hill on Grove Lane ;)

For a first week back at work I got quite a lot done - unfortunately most of it involved looking down a microscope and I didn't manage to get the set-up right till Thursday so my neck has been really sore. The chair wouldn't go down quite far enough, so I had to work out a way to get the sample up higher so the eyepieces were higher and I wasn't hunched over.

Despite being really tired, because of having had to go back to getting up at silly-am to get to work, we headed off to London today. There were two reasons to go - first that J's still looking for the remaining books of the History of Middle Earth series in the same covers that we've got them in so far. Due to the recent resurge of interest in Tolkien they've re-released them all in new covers so the old ones are hard to find. So we went and looked in all the bookshops we could find in the vague area of Tottenham Court Road tube station (couple of Borders, Foyles, Waterstones, Blackwells, Forbidden Planet). We managed to pick up one more (leaving only 2 to find), and also got "Letters of J. R. R. Tolkein" which J had been after for a while. I picked up "Snare" by Katherine Kerr, and "Ash Ock" by Christopher Hinz ... the latter isn't new, and I bought book one of the trilogy(?) several years ago and hadn't seen any of the others since I re-read it a year ago and decided I wanted more of them, so I was quick to snap up book 2 when I saw it in Forbidden Planet. I left all the other books I wanted to buy another time (lots of Darkover books I'd not got for instance).

The second reason was to go and look at something in the British Museum. We decided to look at their European stuff, concentrating on the Medieval rooms, though we also looked at the Prehistorical stuff. We've both been reading history books of that time recently and the History of Britain episode we watched last was the one about the Norman Conquest so it was nice to see artifacts from that general time period. Afterwards we went to the bookshop there and picked up a historical atlas (The Penguin Atlas of British and Irish History) as we'd both been saying that we wanted more maps of the times that we were reading about. I was looking at that on the train on the way home, just skimming it, looking at the maps from the Conquest time and just after mostly.

We'd hoped to do the Dürer exhibition too - if we'd got to the Museum earlier then we'd've done it after we'd had a coffee, but by then it was after five and they weren't letting any more people in (the Museum closes at 1730). So we'll have to return another day. Next time though we'll not tramp round the bookshops so we'll get there earlier and have a chance to look at more things.

Indian takeaway has just arrived, so off I go to eat :)
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