May 24th, 2003


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Yesterday was quite a good day in a tired and sleepy sort of fashion. When I got into work Andrea (my boss) rescheduled our meeting from 2pm to immediately, which flung me slightly, but it went well. With my previous boss I tended to go into meetings thinking I'd done something worthwhile, and come out about 2 inches tall and convinced I was crap. With Andrea I go into meetings thinking I haven't done enough since I last spoke to her but then come out full of enthusiasm. Nothing's working still, but we're finding other things to do instead ... the not working may be an actual result, but we need to figure out ways to prove it.

One of the people I work with handed in her notice on Thursday - she's going to go and do a PGCE and teach. Apparently her boss (not the same as mine) said he "wasn't dissatisfied" with her work ... which has to be the most half-hearted compliment I've ever heard, and anyway, you'd never tell from her day-to-day interactions with him.

When I got in from work last night the house smelled of curry, which was a little strange as last time we had a curry was when Rachel was here ... when I got into the kitchen I found out why - the cat had knocked the jar of ground fenugreek off the shelf onto the floor. The jar itself was intact, but the lid was a little cracked. No spice visible on the floor, but kitchen and cat both smell strongly of it so maybe he ate it ;) He seems happy though.

We were going to watch another episode from the Beatles Anthology last night, but found that the PS2 wouldn't power on :( It had been working Thursday night, and there's no sign of damage at all so unlikely to be the cat. We tried a different power lead but no joy. So this morning I get to ring Sony and see what they can do - a quick websearch last night turned up a few hits on that sort of problem, and suggestions to replace an internal fuse, but I think we'll see what Sony charge for repair/replacement first. We'll also check out prices for second-hand ones.

The other phonecall I needed to make this morning was to ring for tickets for The Matrix Reloaded this evening, which is now sorted out.
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Coo. Useful support people. (Yeah, I know some of you are phone support, and I'm sure you're useful too, but it is rare).

Sony will replace it for £65 with a repaired console of about the same age as ours, with 3 month warranty on it. They would've repaired it for £80 but that would take 3-5 weeks, whereas they can have our replacement delivered on Thursday (they would've done Wednesday, but J can't guarantee to be in then, and Thursday gives us a chance to reorganise if we have to).
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