May 3rd, 2004


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Well, I finished a book that irritated me, and I've moved onto a book that I just knew I'd find annoying - but actually it's almost amusing. What genre other than New Age tat fantasy would you find immortal lines such as: "Not bad Telperion! I knew your D&D strength score of 19 would come in handy sooner or later." Or what about: "Janus and Jacob hopped into the car again and we gave each other our secret D&D handshake."

If it didn't take itself so damn seriously it'd be a good story, I think. I mean, the Rosenburg stories (can't remember the titles off hand) where D&D worlds were real worked, and there was that cartoon on the telly which worked too. But this is just too up its own bottom (now, we wouldn't want to say 'arse' would we? Truly enlightened masters wouldn't be so coarse!), and it's got too much New Age tat (for instance meditation is the key to stopping the conflict between Israel and Palestine, if three guys just sit down and truly meditate then it'll all stop, no really).

Oops, almost forgot, it's called "Starbrow" and is by Tim Ray. And needless to say, I got it out of the library.
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