June 17th, 2005


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I'm not sure if it's a sign of impending doom respectability or advancing age, but I've started to feel a trifle self-conscious in shorts when I'm out of the house. There just seems to be such a lot of leg on view as my favourite shorts don't quite come down to mid-thigh and are only really a little longer than a normal t-shirt. Didn't stop me going grocery shopping in t-shirt and shorts though - it's too hot here to wear jeans and I'm certainly not changing into a skirt just to go shopping, all my skirts (all 3 of them) are too dressy for that.

But it started me looking at what other people were wearing. Every time I pay attention I'm reminded that I don't seem to dress like other women. Or maybe they all dress up to go out the house or something. I didn't see a single other adult in town in shorts, and it's one of the hottest days this year. And no other women in what I think of as a normal t-shirt, which is probably more accurately refered to as a man's t-shirt. I guess I just forgot to grow out of student type dress sense, that's what academia does for you I suppose ;)

On a different note another sign of the apocalypse, or something, is that I voluntarily did some gardening today: picked up litter in the front garden, gave the ivy a haircut, weedkillered the stuff by the garden wall, weedkillered the stuff up the path to the back garden, weedkillered bits of the patio, watered the clematis, and a couple of things in the beds (flowering stuff, mostly). And the sky promptly clouded over, that'll teach me to water stuff. The looming rainstorm appears to have passed by though, which is good as the weedkiller I got said its effectiveness is reduced if it rains within 6 hours.
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