August 12th, 2005


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Not quite sure why I decided to make laundry days fall on shopping days - I never quite manage to get 2 loads of laundry totally done before I head out to get groceries. Though having said that, I've done at least 2 loads of laundry every day this week (damn things with different washing instructions) so it's not like Mondays and Thursdays are particularly different ;)

While I was in town in the afternoon I got a card for the wedding we're going to tomorrow - the 6th this year. So we're pretty much all set for that now - except that I forgot to get tights. The open-toe tights I was wearing last weekend laddered, so I was gonna pick up another pair, but totally forgot. I'll likely get shoes instead though - all the bits of my feet that the sandals knackered last weekend (wedding 5/6) aren't healed up properly yet, so I'd just bleed all over the place. Barratt's have a sale on, so I hope to be able to pick up some half decent shoes for £5-£7, and the tights would likely cost £4 anyway. So that's a trip into town this morning sorted out. Maybe I'll deal with library books then too, coz I forgot them yesterday, maybe I'll forget again today ;)

The only really 'project'y things I did yesterday were I switched out my entry for iconstillness yesterday morning coz the first one I did was crap, and inspiration struck me on what I could do instead. And I did another icon for iconartistic's current contest, but now I have too many to enter - I've got till next Wednesday to decide what to do, but I'll likely not look at the other possible options just pick out of what I've made already.

Dearth of project stuff was mostly due to wanting to play Q3:TA last night - everyone else has been playing Western Quake recently, and I sucked so bad at that that I don't enjoy it, so I've been waiting patiently for people to want to play the one I at least enjoy being pants at ;) Gaming was accompanied by a thunderstorm, which made for interesting lighting effects and hopefully it'll not be so muggy today.