August 18th, 2005


(no subject)

Actually did get round to doing some embroidery yesterday - now the penguin I'm working on has significantly more dark grey. Maybe I'll finish it some day (the whole thing, not just the current penguin, that is ... there are 13 total, of which I've done 3 and I'm working on the fourth). I did take before/after pictures, but ran into a slight snag when trying to get them off the camera this morning ... we reinstalled the file server recently, and haven't reinstalled the camera stuff. Oops. Pics another day :)

More icon stuff - I posted my entry for 100contest, but I used pretty generic names for the files so I may just swap one of the images over before the end of competition (shh! don't tell, Rilli ;) ). The problem is, I like one that I didn't enter better than one that I did, but it's (I think) less like what people in that community like ... Made two icons for the current iconstillness competition, gonna have another look at them today and will probably enter them unless I have a sudden flash of inspiration.

Post just arrived. Not quite sure why the Halifax felt it necessary to put each savings scheme statement in a seperate envelope, just as well they take our waste paper away and recycle it now but it'd probably be better not to send out 5 envelopes to one person at one address at the same time in the first place. Still, it did make it briefly look like we had lots of post :)