August 22nd, 2005


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Whee! I rock ;) 100contest closed voting - and I got mod's choice for one of my icons :)

banner for winning

The other icon I entered was:

green Wonka icon

And I'd made 2 I didn't enter, the first of these I actually like better than the green one of the two I entered, but it's not really the sort of thing that works well in that contest. The second one didn't work, really.

goggles icon ticket icon

I'm so not sure what to do about the next contest though - it's apparently a 'base challenge' ... but I'm not sure if that's just no text or if there's something else that makes a 'base' a 'base' and not an icon without text. And the pictures aren't pictures that make me think 'ooh' at all. Ah well, I've got till Friday to think of something.

Yesterday was mostly spent reading and cooking, with a little bit of random mayhem thrown in for good measure. I wasn't really in the mood to play much Q3:TA though - that headache hung around all day, I ended up taking a painkiller which didn't do very much. Clearly not alcohol, caffeine or hydration related, coz I covered most of those options ;) Mostly better now though, so that's all good.