August 28th, 2005


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Heh. If it's too early for Saturday it's far too early for Sunday. I'm fighting to keep from turning the music up LOUD coz it'd be a little antisocial - don't think the neighbours are up yet (haven't heard them start the DIY - we have DIY obsessed neighbours, we've had 3 sets of neighbours in the last 3 years and each set has been bloody obsessed with hammers and drills - the noise doesn't actually bother me, it's more that I boggle at the ability to find more and more stuff to hammer and drill in one wee house ;) ).


Spent most of yesterday afternoon doing more embroidery - I've now finished the penguin I was working on. Pictures will arrive at some point - I took one, but it's still on the camera and I think it's complicated getting it off at the moment (we've not tidied up the pics that are on the camera for a while - on a side note we ought to see what pics we've got of the various weddings we've been to and do some gallerys).

I also finished chapter 2 of Programming Perl, but wasn't in the mood to read more of it. Incidentally, one of the authors of Learning Perl commented on two of my posts! It startles me partly because I can't work out how he found the posts, and partly coz, well, book authors don't exist, you know? I mean, obviously they do, but one doesn't expect to actually interact with the author of the book one has recently read unless one goes out of one's way to do so.

Instead of more perl stuff I spent a chunk of the evening reading more of my actual 'current' book - "Reformation: Europe's House Divided 1490-1700" by Diarmaid MacCulloch. It's a bit of history I've been interested in for a while, but I'd not got round to reading anything specifically about it before. Probably just as well - being complicated it's slow going and I'm not sure I'd've had the brain power while I was working/commuting. One thing that's been amusing me since I read about it - nowadays we (or at least, I) associate 'donate money and you'll go to heaven' with televangelicals, so with Protestants. But one of the things that kicked off the Reformation was Luther getting pissed of with the Church selling indulgences - which are things you buy that help you get out of purgatory quicker, and thus get to heaven quicker after you die.

iconstillness extended its challenge as there were only three entries ... so that gives me time to think of something better to swap my entry out for ;) 100contest is in voting, I'm doing especially badly, but I still like mine ;) And I've almost forgotten about randomchallenge's current challenge ... favourite food ... if I'd not shown everyone the chocolate cake icon I might've used that, even though it's not my favourite food. Part of the difficulty is thinking of a favourite food - it all depends on my mood and on whether we're talking about dinner, or breakfast or a snack or whathaveyou.