August 31st, 2005


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Yesterday was pretty much non-existant. Mostly because my birthday was good :) After doing some bits & bobs of chores on Monday morning I was just settling in to possibly re-writing the MMP Wikipedia page when J got back from his karate course just before peteski arrived. So I stopped what I was doing and cooked bacon sandwiches for lunch instead :) After that - off down the pub. The Dove was having a beer festival, so it seemed like the perfect way to spend my birthday :) mcurtains, becs, theostevens and Lizzie joined us next, quickly followed by Ed (as in Furry), and sagima and Justin came along later (once I was already pretty pickled). We ended up staying there longer than I'd intended but it was fun :)

Hence yesterday being a bit crap - I mostly sat in front of the computer and made like a vegetable. Well, after a two hour nap in the morning to try & sleep through the tail end of the nausea, and to catch up on the fact I'd not slept well overnight as the hangover kicked in at ~3am :/ Still, self-inflicted and all that ...

Thank you to everyone for the birthday wishes :)

Today, I'll do what I meant to do yesterday, I think.
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