September 1st, 2005


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Gah. I'm feeling twitchy & anxious this morning, and I'm not sure why. It feels like I'm over-caffeinated: faint nausea, shaky, anxious. But I've not had enough coffee to do that - it normally takes ~4 cups in <12 hours, and not quite enough food to do that, and I've only had two-thirds of a cup of coffee and I've eaten my normal breakfast. Most irritating. I'm sitting drinking water, and I'll have some more toast once I've done the first set of chores and see if that helps me settle down. If I was the cat my ears would be pointing in opposite directions right now ;)

Right now, the cat is trying to get in a box that's half his size, and pushing it around on the floor as he tries to get his back legs in to join his head. So I'm still not as cracked-out as the crack-kitty ;)

Yesterday I went into town in the afternoon and spent some of my birthday loot :) I got the set of digital kitchen scales I was after from Maplins, they are shiny :) And it has a thermometer function as well, I seem to collect digital gadgets that tell me the temperature - my alarm clock does too. And I went to WHSmiths and got a new fountain pen, which isn't shiny as it's matt black, but it's metaphorically shiny ... and it writes nicely :) It has a converter to use bottled ink, so I may do that (though I got some cartridges too), particularly as I have some green ink somewhere which is more exciting than black. I need to get purple ink ;)

I spent a bit of the evening writing stuff about the MMPs - it's hard to take my thesis introduction and turn it into english, but it's getting there. All my references are out of date though :/ But whatever, other people can come along and update it once I'm done and it's up if they're bothered.