September 2nd, 2005


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Dunno what that was all about yesterday morning. I felt better by mid-afternoon though - bit more plain food and lots of water helped no end. Meant I cancelled lunch with Andrew though, which was a shame, but even if I'd felt like pub food I wouldn't've been fun company - but we'll re-schedule for next week and hopefully not at 2pm ;)

Productivity was lessened yesterday, though I did get a bee in my bonnet about writing thank-you letters last night. I haven't done that for years, but prompted partly by purchase of a new pen, and partly by this entry of dryad_wombat's, I actually wrote some real letters. The handwriting goes a bit to pot towards the end of the set, and the <paragraph 2> gets a little formulaic at times (sorry, people who're getting letters), but nonetheless - real live thank-you letters!

I also made one icon for 100contest's current competition - it's a different competition idea this time, we pick 3 random community members and do an icon we think they'd like, based on lj interests, current icons etc. Picking people was the hardest bit - I tried looking at people who'd made icons I liked, coz then they'd be more likely to like mine, but so many had no interests & a friends-only journal so hard to get a feel for the person. And others had interests I couldn't think of anything for (particularly limiting myself to public domain image repositories). But I've got the three people I want to do icons for now, and I've made one - the other two will hopefully get done Sunday morning ... I couldn't go looking for pics last night coz J was playing Western Quake and I'd've lagged the server to death. So I made a couple of notes about who/what/colour scheme.

I've not posted the icons I entered for the last 100contest competition because they've not posted winners yet, if it's not happened by my next update I'll just post them anyway, I think. Today's dose of icon-goodness comes from the most recent randomchallenge competition where I won 2nd place! Whee! I rock!

2nd place banner

The rest of the winners are here and the two icons I entered were:

kiwi icon chips icon

And I made, but didn't enter:

lime icon

Stretching at favourite food a bit with kiwi and lime, but I do like both :)

And now, off out to lunch to celebrate mine & J's fifth wedding anniversary :) Then marble and pyc arrive for Furry this evening :) All in all, a good day ahead!