September 6th, 2005


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I finished off my second icon for the current iconartistic challenge, and entered those yesterday, not quite as last minute as the 100contest ones ;) Mostly though, I spent yesterday evening writing bits for a new MMP page for Wikipedia ... I think I have it mostly written now, I need to proof-read & spell check. One thing I'm finding difficult is pitching it - I need to go look at some science articles that aren't my field. Like physics or something where I have an educated layman's perspective on it, without being educated very much in the subject itself. I don't want to end up with the stuff I wrote being innacurate because I've dumbed it down, yet I don't want it to end up being incomprehensible to someone who doesn't have a degree in biochemistry. There's also the issue of letting everyone else see a piece of my writing, which I hate doing (until I've done it, and the heaven's didn't fall and nobody laughed at me and then I'm quite proud of it). Journal entries don't count for that, because they're ephemeral to some degree - and I can rattle along just wittering about things and that's the nature of the medium. But a proper article is different.

We also sorted out the insurance last night - well, first stages thereof. We're cancelling the two extra policies we don't think we need, and talked about financial contingency plans if disaster struck and we didn't have those policies. Which is always a cheery subject ;) But life would go on in a non-financial-disaster sort of fashion. Just need to ring today and get the address to send the cancellation letters to.

Cats Protection Christmas catalogue arrived this morning. I guess I need to make up my mind soon if I'm going to make Christmas cards this year or if we're going to buy them ... costing out how much to print off about 50 templates would be good, as would actually making a couple of half-decent templates so I know I can do what I want to do.

iconstillness closed voting overnight. My icon sucked, but 2 whole people liked it, I'm shocked, coz I didn't ;) Winners here. I entered:

bad icon

I did do others, but umm, yeah, they sucked worse, so you don't get to see them ;) The new picture is cuter (cute-er? neither spelling looks right. More cute, anyway) so that's all good. 100contest entered voting ... so far at least 1 person likes each of the icons I made, so this is good :) I need to not obsessively check the voting poll now ;)