September 8th, 2005


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Completely and utterly forgot to update yesterday. It got to about 5pm and I suddenly thought of it, but decided I might as well wait till the morning and you can get two days for the price of one ;)

Went for lunch with Andrew on Tuesday ... we finally made it to The County of Suffolk, on the third time of trying. First it was shut on Mondays, then coz it stops serving food at 2pm (and I cancelled out of that one, too) ... but it was open on both the day and time we were lunching this time. It thinks well of itself - it's a Gastropub apparently, and therefore a little pricier than average. The food was OK - quite nice, but not really that special. I did only have fish and chips though, maybe if I'd had something fancier like the Venison Sausages with Mash and an Onion Gravy I'd've been more impressed. Or maybe if it hadn't been pretentious about it on its signage then I'd've not expected something out of the ordinary ;) It was also really empty - I was there first, and by the time Andrew turned up (on time, I was early), there were two whole other people there. I think two more had arrived by the time we left and that was it. Bear in mind this is a pub that's quite close to the centre of town, and this was prime lunchtime.

I was hungry halfway through the afternoon, too. Which is never good.

Didn't do a lot yesterday - we seem to have had a run of late-ish nights, so we've not properly caught up on sleep after Furry. Not doing much this weekend - going to a gig in a pub on Friday night (can't remember the band name, it's some NME Pub Tour thingy - we're mostly going because it's in a pub in town and it'd be a shame not to, really - the only song I've heard by the band (at Furry on Friday) sounded good, though (eta: J tells me the band is The Duke Spirit)). Nothing for the rest of the weekend. Maybe we'll go see the otters? Maybe we'll be vegetables at home ;)

100contest closed voting last night - you can't see the winners as it's friends only. I liked the challenge it was this time - we had to pick people from the community and go look at their journal and make them an icon they might like. I tried to make the icons I made fit the colour schemes of the people they were for, I hope they like them :)

ivo_shakira's icon rillaith's icon tequilaluver83's icon

Rilli made everyone who entered an icon - which I'm using on this post :) Penguins rule :)

I need to make an icon for iconstillness's current challenge - closes on Saturday - maybe I'll do that later today. And I found another icon-contest that looks cool - travel_icontest - well, the first challenge has interesting pics, so I've joined and will do something with that, too. That one doesn't close till Sept 23 though, so that gives me some time to play with the piccies.