September 11th, 2005


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I spent most of Friday afternoon counting (some of) our bag of small change. Given neither of us regard 20p pieces as small change we've put an awful lot of them in there ;) It was rather hypnotic to do ... stacking them up in stacks, and organising the stacks in clusters to be bagged up, I only stopped because I ran out of bags. I like counting 2ps the best - the stacks are only 5 coins high, so easy to sanity check by eye. 5ps are the worst - the stacks are too big to sanity check by eye and they're all the same colour so counting them in a stack is harder. We meant to go and pay it in yesterday, but didn't get going early enough for the bank to be open ... I guess I'll make a couple of trips during the week to pay it in and get more bags (I don't actually think I can carry what I've already bagged up into town on my own, too heavy). We so should've done this sooner, a decade or so's worth of two people's small change is rather heavy ;)

In the evening we went out to The Cock & Pye, where The Duke Spirit were playing. We got in rather early - which startled us - we'd assumed that the pub would be open as normal, just ticket entry. But when we turned up just before 8 it was shut, and it was only cause Ed DJs there (and thus is friends with the staff) that we were let in. Which was kinda cool, we got to see the bands sound check, and get a few beers in before they started. The support was ¡Forward Russia!, who I liked a lot. Though, as J said, it was an odd experience to be standing that close to someone singing his heart out and yet not actually understand a single word ;) I wasn't as keen on The Duke Spirit, but I think that would improve if I actually knew the songs - they sounded a little samey to me, but knowing the words would probably help :)

Unfortunately we had rather too much beer while out - so yesterday I was nastily hungover. I had a nap after lunch (a single piece of toast) and felt a bit better, so we did make it into town after all - in time to make it to the Halifax to cash in the sharesave account that was finished, but not in time to get to the bank with the change.

Apart from vegetating unhappily & hungoverly I did also play around with some icons - having read some of the tutorials Rilli pointed me at for use of textures etc they're not in the same style as the other ones I've done. I really like them, but you don't get to see them till next weekend after that contest has closed voting :)

I also read my way back through the gearworld blog archives, which phlebas pointed me at, and looked at ursulav's art on deviantART. I want to be able to draw (but I know from experience that I don't want to spend the hours of practice necessary to learn how to - so I'll just gaze appreciatively at other people's art :) ).

iconartistic closed voting on its most recent competition - winners here - the theme was summer, and the word "summer" had to be visible on all the icons entered. I entered:

Perfect Summer's Day icon Summer Delight icon

Which I rather like :) I do feel that I'd like to do something that's not icons - coz I'm never going to use the ones I make for these competitions, most of my userpics are of me (except the two made for me by other people) and I actually mostly use the default one anyway. So it feels a bit silly making lots of icons. But equally, I don't think of things to do myself - I like the challenge aspect of it, someone saying I need to make a picture from this theme or picture, which saves me having to find my own inspiration. Maybe I need to look and see if there are contests that aren't icon ones.