September 13th, 2005


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Yesterday I finally got round to going and buying my birthday present from J :) I'd decided I wanted some new clothes, so we were going to go shopping together to get them (J nearly always manages to spot nice things that suit me that I'd not noticed, so he's good to go clothes shopping with :) ) - but for one (hangover) reason or another we'd not made it into town while in a clothes shopping mood since my birthday. So in the end I just went shopping by myself - it's nicer going round clothes shops during the working day (while the kids are at school too) anyway. I got a couple of pairs of jeans - one plain blue pair for everyday and one black & decorated for going out. I was kinda in need of new jeans, I've lost nearly ¾ stone since I finished work and thus my jeans were all a bit on the large size. Feels weird wearing jeans that actually fit today ;)

It's also a sign that autumn is nearly here - I've worn shorts in the house most of the time since I stopped work (and outside the house a lot of the time, but summer weather isn't always shorts weather here), but it's not so warm that I'm melting in jeans now.

I also paid in some of the change I counted on Friday - damn it weighs a lots, I've got a nigglingly sore back today. But I have more money bags, so I can count more of the change sometime this week.

I meant to read more of my book yesterday evening, but in the end I got an idea about the blend I'm doing for the current blending_star challenge, so mostly worked on that. Just after I went to bed I realised something I need to tweak on it, so I'll have to find a font for it today (after I've done the housework though). Then it's done :) I'm quite pleased with it, though a note for the future is if the challenge is themed on a film I've not seen (like, you know, most films) I need to look it up on IMDB first, I looked second this time and Thirteen is darker than I'd assumed from the pics I picked to work from, so finding a quote that fitted the feel of my blend was a bit trickier ;)

iconstillness closed voting last night, winners here. I entered:

Fluff! icon

which got 4 votes. The picture we were working from was a pretty cranky looking cat, I have to say. If I end up dropping a challenge, this may be one coz the pictures tend not to inspire me much straight off, and there's only ever one picture to work from.