September 14th, 2005


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Yesterday was also notable for the lack of book-reading. Not only did I get a rogue idea about the blend for blendify__ challenge 66 (that I managed to pin down successfully :) ) but also Q3:TA happened ... we were playing on giant's server for a change, and he'd loaded up the game with a dozen or so bots. Manic. Meant that on my two favourite maps one could just run into the central area shooting straight ahead, kill several things, pick up the skulls and then run into the other team's base without actually pausing, or changing direction. Not that I just run-run-run-run, or anything ;) Surprisingly we won on the last map we played, too, even though normally we lose miserably on that map and there were only 3 of us left by that stage.

I wish playing games didn't make my arms/wrists hurt though ... it's weird, I can potter around on the computer for hours, but half an hour or so of quake and I can feel the strain.
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