September 15th, 2005


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Tooo tired this morning. We've not done well with the early-night thing lately. But book reading happened yesterday evening, so that's good :) Partly coz my arms still hurt by the evening - I'd spent most of the afternoon counting the rest of the change we had, and that seemed to cause the same problems that excessive computer use does, which is weird. We had way more money in that change bag than was sensible. It's all going off to the bank now though, so it's a useful windfall - pays for the car tax this month, anyway ;)

Which, annoyingly, we can't pay for online - need a 'new-style' MOT certificate, but ours isn't one of them. So off to the post office I shall go this afternoon, and hopefully be able to pay it even though my name isn't on any of the documentation (why can't the DVLA website have 'it isn't my car/insurance/whathaveyou, can I still sort out the tax?' as a FAQ - it must apply to more people than me damnit - or if they do, why've they hidden it so well).
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