September 16th, 2005


(no subject)

Paying the car tax went startlingly smoothly - helped by the bus strike making town very quiet. I hadn't remembered that was happening (I've used the bus maybe twice in the last 6 months) and I was just bemused by the lack of queues everywhere until I overheard the staff in Sainsburys talking about it. Certainly made my life easier, but I rather think that wasn't the point. And I'd be pretty damn cranky about it if I did have to use the buses. I do have a docs appointment next week, and I rather hope they're done by then, as it's a 40 minute walk, or so, up to there, and that'd be a big chunk out of my day.

In the evening we had the 'fun' of flea-spraying the cat. Poor beast, he hates the fleas, but he hates the spray more. I think he picked the infestation up from the cattery last time he was there, and it just took a little while before he got flea ridden enough for it to be noticeable. And of course, he's going back to the cattery soon, so he'll probably just get more passengers, as I'm not sure if we can get rid of this infestation in time to put the preventative stuff on before he goes away.

He spent most of the evening after that trying to hide under things, and looking suspiciously at us.

But that was OK, coz we spent a large chunk of the evening playing Q3:TA - giant had upped the bots, but I think we had fewer of them. We still won. But only just ... I was a bit of a dead weight in the last level we played as it was one of the space ones, and I'm damn good at falling off. So I guarded base, but I think only about 2 bots got far enough in for me to shoot.

My parents are coming to visit this weekend, so I need to spend some of today making sure the house is parent-friendly ... it's clean already, and mostly tidy, but I need to do stuff like get the rest of the (counted, bagged) small change off the dining table and a new tablecloth on, and move the paperwork from round my computer desk, and stuff like that. Maybe cook apple cake, maybe won't have time though.