September 19th, 2005


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Bother, I hit some key combination that closed the tab I was updating in while I was writing - so everything I'd typed had vanished. Hopefully I can re-create it!

My parents visited this weekend - we'd hoped to see them earlier in the summer, but due to all the weddings we ended up with no mutually free weekends before this. Thankfully the weather was mostly sunny, even if chillier than it's been. It was nice to see them :)

We visited Aldeburgh on Saturday - Dad's always refused to go before, as he really doesn't approve of Benjamin Britten, but we managed to persuade him that unless you look for it you'd not know the connections to Britten. After walking along the beach - looking at the stones and at the plants - we had lunch in one of the pubs on the seafront. We all had fish, as it said it was locally caught :) The walk after lunch was somewhat briefer as the clouds were beginning to close in, but thankfully it didn't start to rain until we were in the car. It was a day of dining well - in the evening we went to Pizza Express. The food was nice, but unfortunately conversation was rather more difficult than we'd hoped as it was very noisy :/ On Sunday morning we went for a walk around the docks - my parents hadn't realised how close we were to the docks, and wanted to and have a look around and take some pics :)

After they'd left (after lunch) we kinda collapsed - my parents are early risers, so we'd had to play gracious hosts and also get up at a somewhat earlier hour than we usually would at the weekend. We'd invited Ed and his girlfriend to dinner on Sunday, but (thankfully given our tiredness) she couldn't make it, so we've postponed it - and we got to just vegetate for the rest of the afternoon and evening. J played quite a lot of Amplitude, so I now have various of the songs stuck in my head again.