September 20th, 2005

fink whiky

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We're keeping the cat in at the moment coz he had an upset stomach over the weekend and we don't want to let him out till we can check he's feeling better. However it is pretty clear he's better than he was - on Saturday he was rather subdued, and didn't mind not being able to go out. Yesterday, he was crack-kitty all damn day. He's very funny when he's trying to catch a feather-on-a-stick :) He's less funny when he gets into the box room and starts to nest in the boxes :/

More graphics yesterday, made an icon for the iconartistic competition and need to enter that today, made icons for 100contest (but still thinking about those) and entered a blend for blendify__ challenge 66 (hope that competition doesn't get cancelled, I like the one I made). Voting closed on iconstillness, winners here - I got no votes, oops ;)

when the wind blows icon

Not the best icon ever ;) This week's picture also doesn't inspire me, thinking about not bothering with this one.

Read some Webscription books yesterday - finished "Dead on My Feet" by William Mark Simmons (started it on Sunday). Fun & slightly different vampire book, there's an edge of Mary Sue about the main character though. I did enjoy it, but not enough to track down the previous book or any future books. Started "Thraxas and the Dance of Death" by Martin Scott, but didn't like it enough to make it past the first couple of chapters - humour, present tense, slightly inept mage private investigator as main character, I think it's supposed to be satirising typical fantasy themes but I just found it tedious. So instead I started on "The Shadow of Saganami" by David Weber - one of the Honor Harrington tales, but not focused on her, focused on some of the students from Saganami on their middy cruise and the other crew of that ship. I think I've missed some of the books - I need to get a list, see what I own in dead-tree and see what I've got online. Need to buy the first book in dead-tree sometime, I wanted to recommend the series to J, but we discovered I didn't have the first book - I know I've read it, so it must be online. Which is less convenient for J, he reads mostly as a computer break at the end of the evening.

I've got pins and needles in my left hand right now - that's weird, there's no reason I can think of, and it's normally my right hand that goes weird. Time to stop typing and go do something else, I think ;)