September 22nd, 2005


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Autumn has definitely arrived - while it's warmed up from the weekend it's still chillier than it was, and it's been foggy in the morning the last couple of days. And the nights are drawing in ...

Forgot to update yesterday, and now I can't remember if there was anything I really wanted to say about Tuesday ... in short, the cat was still in (and cranky with it - but he's allowed out now, and much happier) and I mostly read books in my free time - finished "The Shadow of Saganami", which I really enjoyed. Definitely need to sort out the Weber stuff I have and re-read the series, good military SF (though I skim the technical stuff and read for the story) and doesn't froth at the mouth (politically) in the way that some of the other recent Baen stuff I've read does, though some of the political allegory is rather close to the surface.

Started (and finished yesterday) "The Demons at Rainbow Bridge" by Jack L. Chalker - made me think of Andre Norton's stuff a lot. The book was split into three parts, which converged at the end - each part was set in a different culture (basic history is that the slowly expanding human star-faring culture managed to run into 3 different alien empires, and promptly got absorbed into each). The cultures were nicely distinct, I thought, and nicely alien in 2 cases although the Exchange (which is the empire we see first) felt very much like a hard-core capitalist extrapolation of 20 year old Western culture (the book was written in the late 80s). The book very much feels like a prologue to a bigger story, we stop just as the story converges, but it's not an end - I've got "The Run to Chaos Keep" in August's Webscriptions, so I'm hoping that's a direct follow-on.

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