October 3rd, 2005


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There's been regime change in parking enforcement in Ipswich ... which has had the knock-on effect of meaning we got up half an hour earlier than normal this morning, and will continue to do so. We're not supposed to park outside the house between 8am and 6pm Mon-Sat, normally J's left for work about half eight, and it's been OK - but we figure the new regime will want to start with a bang and will be paying extra attention for a while. So we got up at 6:30am this morning, which was a bit of a struggle after a week off - first morning after the holiday is always the worst, even when it's not also a shift to an earlier time.

Yesterday the cat came home from his holidays - he was pretty pleased to be home, purred and purred and purred and purred, and meowed sharply every time he felt our attention had wandered away from him ;) He's back exploring the outside now, though I think it's colder than he thinks it ought to be ;)

I cooked something new for dinner - beef, red wine & rosemary casserole, from a recipe I got from the bbc website. Altered somewhat, as the Co-op didn't have sufficient lamb. It turned out rather nice :)

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I also skipped the celery that was in the original recipe - doubled the carrot instead. And went easy on the rosemary (J wasn't sure if he'd like it - we had to go pick a bit and check if he liked the smell before I went to buy the rest of the ingredients). Notes for future reference - when it says '2 tbs plain flour' it means generous tablespoons, don't use prechopped meat it's always too stuck together in the packet to get properly coated in flour, be generous with the tbs of oil.

I've got left overs for lunch for a couple of days :) Need to serve it with more than just mash if that's really going to do 4 dinner servings.

randomchallenge closed voting - winners here - theme was night-time, I did astonishingly badly, which surprises me as I liked this icon:

night-time icon

I started to make this week's icons and blends yesterday, too - did one possible one for iconartistic (that competition closes on Wednesday) and made a decent start on the blend for blendage (which seemed hardest as it's just a theme with no given pictures).