October 5th, 2005


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The problem with dark wood floors, is that you can see the dust, and it doesn't seem to hoover up. Consequently, I spent a chunk of yesterday afternoon cleaning the bathroom floor by hand (given how un-water-tight it is I'm not using a mop!). Which is one of my less favourite chores ... it does look nice now I've done it, though.

I've just realised I slipped up yesterday, too - J went to Tescos on his way home, and I got him to get various bits & bobs I'd forgotten to get on Monday ... and I should've got him to get bread, too, as we're now out and I wasn't planning to go back to the shops till tomorrow. Guess I'll pop out to the co-op later on, then. And given I cba to go out before lunch I'll be having pasta for lunch, not toast ;)

Yesterday wasn't all chores though - got the blending_star blend done, no need for extra words. I both like it (it worked well) and dislike it (god, it's pretty). Let's hope this competition doesn't get cancelled otherwise that'll make twice in a row that my favourite blend has been in a cancelled competition. Must get round to entering the blendage one after I'm done with this update. And I've got an idea and (hopefully) images for the Cinderella themed competition at 100contest ... this one's got to be an icon, a header for the recent entries view and a Friends Only banner - the community is apparently getting a makeover. I'm a little unclear about how we're likely to be voting on these though (as a kit? as seperate things?).

I finished off the day by nearly finishing my book - I've only got about 20 pages left now, so hopefully I'll finish it today :) And hopefully marble will sort out Civ3 so we can start a PBEM game before Civ4 comes out (we'll likely not finish - we've only 2 weeks or so ;) ) ... note to self - you've got instructions from Marble about setting up Civ3 under WineX, it should be obvious what to do, try and remember next time you reinstall it damnit.