October 8th, 2005

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Whee! I won third place in iconartistic's most recent competition - winners here. My icon was:

boxy fuji icon

I'd previously thought of entering this:

Mount Fuji icon

But after discussion about text on one of my previous icons I decided I hatehatehated the text, so took it off and fiddled with the icon to make it work (English) textless, without much success:

textless Fuji icon

But thankfully I then had a flash of inspiration :)

I also read more of Programming Perl yesterday - finished Chapter 3, started Chapter 4. Had to stop part way through Chapter 4 to pick J's brains about scope - I get it, mostly, in practice, but when I was thinking about it in the abstract and in the context of implicitly scoped variables I was getting confused. I've got it straight now, I think, and a useful workaround is to declare everything explicitly and use use strict so it gets caught if I don't (which I was doing, anyway).

Not sure what the weekend holds - quite a bit of cooking, I'm hoping to get lunches for the rest of the week in leftovers from dinners this weekend (got one from last night, hopefully 2 from tonight's Vegetable Casserole and 2 from tomorrow night's Lemon Chicken too). And the leftover from tomorrow's lunch will be dinner on Monday (mmmm, Beef Jhal Frezi :) ). J's out right now at some karate thing, refereeing course I think, so I'm considering doing the dishes, coz it feels like a weekday, but if I procrastinate long enough then he'll be home for lunch and it'll clearly be the weekend :)

Got J to order Civ 4 from Play for me (he has Play ordering set up, I have Amazon ordering set up - yes, we could both have both set up but apathy means it's easier to get the other person to order ;) ) - we'll use some of my Waterstone's tokens to pick up Elder Scrolls 4 or Quake 4 as Play isn't as cheap for them, so that makes for better use of our money (given we're going to buy all three games whatever, we may as well organise so we spend as little as we can ;) ).