October 10th, 2005


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We spent chunk of yesterday reinstalling my machine - we wanted to get both machines onto Slackware 10.2 so the newest Dropline Gnome would install. Which left me with a feeling of anti-climax, coz it's all new and shiny, except it's exactly the same, really. And I've not quite got it set up properly yet (still need OpenOffice and Alexandria).

Re-set up Civ3, played for a bit, but ended up getting bored coz actually I wanted to play Civ4, but obviously I need to wait for the game to be released to do that ;) Read some more of the historical atlas, some more of the perl book and played some Q3 - in between cooking roast beef for lunch with roast & mashed potatoes, peas, carrots, mashed turnip, roast shallots and yorkshire puddings (far far far too much food) and cooking pasta with tuna in the evening. I abandoned my plan to cook Lemon Chicken when I realised how full I was after lunch. That'll happen tonight or tomorrow, I think. J wants apple crumble for dessert this week sometime, so I need to get stuff for that today - and work out if it goes better after chinese, indian or italian food ;)

travel_icontest closed voting - winners here - I entered:

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blendify__ appears to have had a revolution - I seem to have a knack of entering my favourite blends in contests that get cancelled *pout*, hopefully the delay on voting polls for blending_star isn't indicative of this problem. I already linked to the one for the blendify__ contest that was in voting, the one that just never got to that stage was free choice one on the theme of autumn.
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