October 18th, 2005


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Spent too much of yesterday morning (and lunchtime) reading ... now finished 4 of those library books, hopefully I won't finish the rest quite so quickly, otherwise I'll have nothing to read by a couple of days time. Though I will be going into town soon, so ...

Anyway. I did do Stuff yesterday too, not just read fiction. Quite a lot of housework - it's amazing how much washing up we can generate in 2.5 days, I need to rethink the no chores at weekends thing if it takes that long to do the washing up on Monday morning ;) I also played some single player Q3 last night - got right through to the end of Tier 3 without dropping a game on Bring It On difficulty level (2nd from bottom, default). I am getting better, I think I used to play it on the lowest difficulty level, and I'm not convinced I ever got past the end of Tier 1. I didn't stop because I lost, either, I stopped coz Tier 4 is space levels, and I'm the Queen of falling off so I couldn't be bothered to do them last night. And my arms hurt a bit anyway. So anyway, I rock ;)

J fixed Alexandria for me, so there's no need for me to put ISBNs & finishing dates for books in my journal, yay :)

The first three of the library books I read were "The Family Trade" by Charles Stross, "Skyfall" by Catherine Asaro and "Freehold" by Michael Z. Williamson. As I said yesterday there was a definite connecting theme between the three books - that of a woman suddenly, unexpectedly and unwantedly plunged into a different culture and having to learn to deal with it. In "The Family Trade" Collapse )

"Skyfall" Collapse )

"Freehold" Collapse )

I think I'll write up the other book another time, this has become a monster entry. Just a couple of iconny things to finish. I have my banner from 100contest:

Most Creative banner

icon_vibes closed voting, winners here, I'd entered:

icon 1 icon 2

The theme was borders, I wasn't sure if the first of those would count as I'd used a different part of the picture as the border.