October 19th, 2005


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J was working from home yesterday, which made the whole day feel a little odd - like I shouldn't be doing housework or something ... I did though ;) I also belatedly remembered the two icon contests that close today and whipped something up to enter. But I spent a largish chunk of the afternoon setting up a del.icio.us account (yes, I know, late to the party or something) - dunno if I'll actually end up using it, but there's the option now, and I went through a lot of the stuff I have bookmarked and added it, so there's some sort of representative sample of Stuff there. This was mostly prompted by reading about Flock, which is a browser that uses del.icio.us as bookmarks (effectively). Not sure how much of that is hype, but maybe worth a look when it arrives.

Dunno why, but I'm really sleepy this morning, so it's making it hard(er) to string coherent thoughts together into interesting prose. Ah well.

Also played some Q3:TA last night - J found 2 maps I barely remember ever playing, and we played on them till our internet connection ground to a halt. We kinda sucked. Challenge. Yes. Or something ;)
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