October 25th, 2005


(no subject)

I went to try and get computer bits in town yesterday (DVD drive & case fan) and the shop that I've bought stuff in before apparently doesn't sell stuff - it's a LAN games place, but as it advertises on the window that it sells components and I've bought several things there over the last couple of years I was a bit annoyed at the spotty oik behind the desk telling me that they'd never sold stuff. I looked in Maplins as well, but everything there was about twice the price of online, so I need to order stuff now. Instant gratification denied ;)

Also went to the library while I was in town - one of the CDs I'd reserved for J was in, and I took back 4 of the books I'd read. And got a couple more from the new books rack. One of which ins the new Jacqueline Carey (Banewreaker), which I've started to read ... so far, too flowery, but we'll see.

In the evening we flea-sprayed the cat, who spent the rest of the evening trying to hide under things and shooting hurt looks at us. Which fell rather flat, as we were paying more attention to Quake4 ;)