November 4th, 2005


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Yesterday started off normally, but rapidly changed - J's glasses fell to pieces just after he'd driven to work. We tried to organise someone to drive here on his way to work to pick up contact lenses, but the text didn't get through till after he arrived at work. So at lunchtime I headed off on the bus to BT clutching a set of contacts. I took the opportunity to get J to drive me to Tescos (where we tried to have lunch in the cafe, but the cafe is shut till after Christmas. Denied!), then he was working from home for the rest of the afternoon. I headed into town - to pick up a library book - and took his glasses in to the shop we got them from. And surprisingly it was a minor repair, so a) free and b) took about 5 minutes. Disaster averted ;)

We then spent a large part of the evening playing Q4 - the competition seemed stiffer last night. There were definitely a lot fewer people around on the servers with low ping times for us, and those that were were rather better.

Furry tonight. Civ4 soon, maybe?
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