November 13th, 2005


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Friday was mostly a Civ day - I started a game at lunchtime and eventually won it that evening :) Just a time victory, which I'm a little disappointed with as I was 5% of land area away from winning that way ... if I'd either captured Thebes or got a Great Artist to push out the borders of Memphis before the time ran out I'd've got it, I think. I've upped the difficulty level one step now (playing on Warlord) and yesterday I played a few starts (but never very far) ... I'm mostly heading for a cultural victory, I think, but that's pretty hard in this version of Civ. I'd quite like the same sort of start I had on the game I won on Friday - me + two other civs on a continent, then I can conquer them and have my own continent to play in. And get the cities without building settlers ;) Playing as the Mongols this time - Kublai Khan is Aggressive/Creative, so I get the boost on war units to conquer people and a boost on culture too.

Didn't play Civ all of yesterday though - I also played some Quake 4 in the evening, joined J on one of the public servers. I lost, quite a lot, but there were a couple of other people at my level, so I had someone to kill ;) I did do pretty well on one of the maps that was in Quake3, though.

Not all computer games either - yesterday morning started with a dentist visit. I had a filling done (which actually I think replaces one that I had a while ago, I think it must've fallen out - it's a small enough hole that it doesn't actually hurt except when the dentist pokes it so I wouldn't've noticed the loss of filling). We went and looked around the shops afterwards - and picked up a copy of Settlers of Catan :)

And in other non-computer game stuff there were also the ubiquitous icon contests :)

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