November 21st, 2005


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The lack of updates wasn't for any exciting reason - mostly apathy ;) Still got the cold, J's still got his cold so I guess I've got another week of mine hanging around. Mind you, yesterday's earache has gone, and I didn't wake up last night coughing, so some bits are better ;)

Most of the weekend was spent on computer games - lots of Civ4, lots of Quake4 - and food. Pizza Friday night, soup and bacon & cheese bread Saturday lunch, Lemon Chicken Sat night, poached eggs on toasted bacon & cheese bread Sunday lunch and roast pork with lots of Stuff (including homemade apple sauce) Sunday night :)

Finished 3 books, too - two by Zoë Sharp ("Killer Instinct" and "Hard Knocks" which are 1 & 3 of the Charlie Fox books). Fast paced thrillers, not too formulaic. I like the flawed heroine - there are times when you can see that the decision she's just made is absolutely true to character, but is not really the sensible thing to do. The other book was "Grunts" by Mary Gentle - I've picked this up and put it back down again several times in bookshops, I like other stuff by Gentle but this didn't appeal. And having read it, I was right to put it back down - I'm really not that keen on that sort of humour. The whole thing is a parody of various things in fantasy/RPGs, and I spent quite a lot thinking I just didn't quite get all of the joke. And the characters bored me, too. I now need to figure out how to get this to naath coz she replied to jaq's post saying she wanted it.