November 22nd, 2005


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Sausage is the theme for the next few meals in our house ... I went out to get 5 sausages to have sausages and mash last night (to use up more of the apple sauce), and came back with 12. They were on offer, OK? *cough* So, sausage sandwiches for J, sausage on toast for lunch for me, sausage in the pasta sauce, and likely more sausages for lunch tomorrow. Good thing we like sausages :) And just as well there's quite a lot of apple sauce left too (no, the apples weren't on offer, but I didn't know how much it'd reduce down when I made the sauce so I over-compensated a bit ;) ).

The cat'll likely be pleased, I think he's stayed inside so far today because he likes the smell of the sausages ;) Alternatively, it's just coz it's cold out. Though I think that's giving the crazy cat-beast credit for faaaar too much sense!

Realised this morning that not only have I left it too late to make Christmas cards this year (I procrastinate too much, it seems), but I've also left it too late to order ones from the Cats Protection catalogue ... I may have to go see if I can find their shop and get some from there. This year we're determined we'll actually send the damn things out before last posting day ;) I need to update the list and make sure we've current addresses for people and suchlike, and then I can actually buy enough cards in advance for a change. Maybe investigate printing address labels, can then use a second printout (on normal paper) to tick people off as we receive cards. And I'll continue turning into my mother ;) Need to think of things I want as presents, too ... that dance has started already. There's a couple of books, but I need half a dozen things on the list, I think. And think of something to get other people.