November 28th, 2005

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Another weekend full of computer games - which leaves me with rather little to say about each day. Civ4 was mostly a multiplayer game with marble and a graphxgrrl/gravilim collective ... I think in retrospect we should've set the game speed to 'quick' as the game is taking quite a long time, we've played for something like 12 hours and I reckon there's almost as much game left as there has been. And maybe we have too many civs in the game - playing on a standard map with three teams of three, and it feels cramped. My cities are shoved up the top in a patch of tundra/ice, which makes it somewhat more of a challenge ;) So thoughts for another time are a bigger map and a faster game :)

Quake4 was much as usual - playing free for all deathmatch. J's sorted us all out using the XBattle mod which has a slightly better HUD, tweaks the weapon colours and gives the players bright skins. Makes it a little easier for those of us who aren't as good to pick up on where people are and what the weapons are etc. We were also using some maps that're tweaked for frame rate - you can switch how many light sources you're seeing, so if you turn that down then it runs faster on slower machines, which I found helped quite a bit, too. And some new maps in - just for variety.

Cooking happened, too. Cooked chicken chow mein for Sat dinner, possibly not the best time to try and do something new (after an afternoon at the beer festival (see below) and in the midst of a Civ game). But it turned out well, definitely one to try another time :) And last night was Vegetable Casserole, with sausages as per becs's suggestion. Which stops it being vegetarian, but never mind.

The Dove Street Inn had a beer festival this weekend, so Saturday afternoon we wandered down to sample the beers. I had:

Dark Star Chocolate Stout
Mighty Oak Oscar Wilde Mild
Whitstable Raspberry Wheat (Which I found delightful - and it really did taste of raspberries, I think it would be rather a dangerous drink to have on a night out, you could drink pints and pints.)

J had:

Theakstons Old Peculier
Adnams Old
Springhead Newark Castle Brown

And then we shared:

Adnams Tally Ho! (which is 7.3% and just a tad treacly - it improves as you make your way down the glass, but we were sharing it rather than one of us drink the whole thing)
J W Lees Plum Pudding (mmm, plums)

That was just a mere fraction of what was on offer - there were 66 beers and 4 ciders. We didn't really feel like going out on Sunday though, so didn't go back to try some more.
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And, part the second, aka things I forgot. Guess I shoulda updated each day, I seem to have plenty to say ;)

While I was civing on Friday evening I read "Let Sleeping Vets Lie" by James Herriot, which is another of the books we got from jaq and theora. J remembers watching the series and reading the books when he was little, but while I'd heard of them I'd never actually watched/read any of them. It was an enjoyable book, in a fairly light-hearted way ... James Herriot doesn't seem able to say a bad word about anybody - even if he was telling an anecdote about someone he said he didn't much like he still managed to present it in such a way that one had some sympathy with the person in question. A pleasant read, but somehow didn't leave me wanting more.

And yesterday evening I was reading more of my perl book - still not finished the regular expression chapter, but I'm getting there. Some of it seemed to rather belabour an obvious point - so I'm assuming it wasn't as obvious as I thought it was, but if it comes back to bite me I'll know to go re-read that bit of the book ;)

marble and I tried to get voice stuff working under Civ4 - on the off chance I plugged in the headset I'd got for the PS2 to see what Windows thought of it ... and it worked just fine. Civ4 wasn't as co-operative though :/ Reading around in the forums, other people are having problems - though now I'm wondering if it was partly a firewalling issue, the firewall I run under windows is a free one and doesn't allow much tweaking of security. The setting I had it on it was silently dropping stuff it didn't want to let through, so when I realised that I altered so that didn't happen (so I could host civ games), but we've not tried the voice stuff in Civ4 since.

It's not the headset that's at fault though - scamp and I tested that with Google Talk, which worked perfectly :) Only under windows at the moment, as Gaim doesn't do voice, but I gather that's in the pipeline.