December 1st, 2005


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Spent a bit of time yesterday making icons for sienamystic - she'd done that Christmas Wishlist meme and one of the things on her list was she wanted a Lorenzo de'Medici icon. So I figured I could manage that (and checked with her first that she actually liked some of the icons I've made ;) ) ... after a google or two for pictures of Il Magnifico (I do like the sound of that name for him :) ) I found a source image (and a quote or two) and made a small handful of icons. The fifth one didn't work, I tried to do something like the butterfly one I like so much, and it didn't happen. But the third & fourth ones worked well, and I rather liked the poem I got the words from, too - and sienamystic liked those best too :)

Lorenzo icon 1 Lorenzo icon 2 Lorenzo icon 3 Lorenzo icon 4 Lorenzo icon 5

I think I should find myself a book on the Italian Renaissance sometime - my only real knowledge of Italy during that time period is that it's mostly city states and it's complicated. And there were Medici's in every position of power they could manage ;)

I also read more of the Old English book - on re-reading the chapter before I noticed I'd not paid enough attention to the bit about the exercises, it said one should do the first one now and the other 4 after reading the next three chapters. So getting stuck on the third one wasn't so bad ;) So I left that, and moved on to the chapter about pronouns. I should be memorising those - this is where we see if this moves from a whim to something more substantial ;) Even if it remains a whim I shall carry on reading the book and poking at the exercises/texts coz it's fun ... I find it fascinating how Old English is on the very edge of being comprehensible, some things are pretty near the same when written, or sound pretty near the same (and sometimes both) and then other words are totally incomprehensible. For instance I see how we get from 'wæs' to 'was' (as a very simple example), and if you pronounce cwæð properly it sounds awfully like 'quoth', and it means 'said', but how we get from 'micel' to 'large, great or big' is rather less than clear ;) So it's more fun to read/learn than a 'proper' foreign language.

I spent a bit of the evening going through a quake3 game log and working out what data structure I think I need - I shall have to go over that with J this evening, I think. Annoyingly the log contains no info about scoring - I can see who picks up skulls when, but I can't see when they're scored with :( So I can only analyse kills/deaths, but there's loads of stuff I can output about that, so it's not like there's nothing to do ;)

Interestingly, when you seed Amarok's dynamic playlist with "Blue" by Joni Mitchell the playlist mostly gets populated with The Beatles and Bob Dylan ... which makes some sense, I guess, but I think of Joni Mitchell in the same thoughts as Sarah McLachlan and other female singer-songwriters. There is some Tori Amos in there too, so clearly some other people agree with me ;) Normally when I've got Amarok using to select music I delete out all The Beatles and Radiohead tracks that come up as everything devolves to those two artists over time. But I think I'll just leave it be today and see where we go.