December 2nd, 2005

fink whiky

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Someone on our street (possibly next door) has a car with a slightly faultly alarm. We seem to have bad luck with alarms round here - next door used to have a dodgy house alarm, too. I only woke once when the alarm went off last night, I think J woke more times ... so we're going to be a bit tired for Furry this evening. Ah well, we can sleep in tomorrow (and hopefully the damn car will be somewhere else ;) ).

J had the afternoon off yesterday to do Stuff that he's been putting off ... haircut, LJ entry, fixing a bit of plastering in the kitchen. I spent most of the afternoon out doing shopping though - got a cable for the hifi (our headphone extender cable was going slightly dodgy, so it's just a replacement for that), went to the library, got The Futureheads "Area" for J, got food for the weekend. Don't think I'll be making gingerbread cake this weekend though - we've eaten all 4 dozen gingersnaps in less than 3 days, cake isn't necessary ;) I'll likely make it for next weekend, when we have guests :)

We also went through the data structure I'd thought of for my quake3 log analyser, and came up with something simpler ;) This is why I wasn't starting till I'd talked it through with J :) Started to try and actually write the thing - there are, I think, 2 problems with the little bit I've written. First I don't think I'm putting the right thing in the right place when I add something (I don't think I'm referencing properly), and secondly the line I put in to print out the value (to see if I'd put the right thing in the right place) is failing to work (I don't think I'm dereferencing properly). However, on the upside, my regular expression worked perfectly first try, capturing things out to variables and everything. So more thought on the referencing thing (and a bit more poking at the relevant chapters in the book now I've a concrete example I'm trying to implement). I'll get there, just maybe slower than I'd hoped ;)

Started Amarok's dynamic playlist off with Linkin Park "One Step Closer" this morning ... which fills the playlist with Red Hot Chili Peppers and Eminem ... not quite where I thought we'd go, but I'll let it go for a while before re-seeding and see where we end up (The Beatles, probably ;) ). eta: It was heading towards endless Radiohead and Coldplay, so I deleted those tracks out of the playlist until it gave other suggestions (lots of Oasis now) ... still not where I'd expect to go given where I started.