December 3rd, 2005

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I made my perl program work! It processes all the data now (though it still barfs on names with colour codes in - my regular expressions are clearly not quite right ... and I've just this second realised what the problem is (I think, haven't tested it yet, obviously) - my regular expression grabs the name with (\w+) and there are ^s in the colour codes, which aren't word characters). It doesn't do anything with the data yet - but I had other things to do yesterday so didn't spend all afternoon coding. What solved my problems with it was that J found a concrete example of code accessing a value nested deep in a bunch of hashes, so I saw what the syntax was rather than trying to work it out from a single layer of nesting and the statement that it was extendible. And then as I was wittering about how to know when to create a new entry in the array of games as vs. putting the data in an entry that already existed J pointed out that if I set $currentgame=-1 at the start and incremented it at every game start line then it'd always be the index of the array element that I wanted. Which was rather obviously simple once he'd pointed it out to me ;) So yes, it processes. Now it needs to analyse :)

In the afternoon I went on an Expedition! We decided that this year we'd get our Christmas cards from the Cats Protection, but I managed to not be organised enough to order them from the catalogue in time to have them arrive. So as there's a Cats Protection shop in Ipswich I figured I'd walk to it and buy cards there. Which involved going to a bit of Ipswich I've not been to before - the shop is in Stoke Park Centre (off Stoke Park Drive), south of the railway station, a little bit over 2 miles away (according to the google maps pedometer). It was a nice afternoon for a walk - clear blue skies, sunshine and just crisp enough that I didn't get too warm. It's not a nice bit of Ipswich - the adjectives that spring to mind are 'desolate', 'cold', 'abandoned' and 'poor'. There's a description in my head that has a feel and a form but no words yet, when I'm a bit more with it I'll maybe try and find the words to get it out of my head and into a readable form.

On the way back I went to the station and got train tickets for going to the Marillion gig on Monday, and then on to Staples to get address labels. And to Sainsbury's to get mince piespeanuts to put in dinner this evening.

In the evening was Furry - Furry's 5th Birthday! We've been going since pretty close to the beginning, which suddenly seems such a long time ago. It was also the first Furry since the licencing laws changed ... so a bit of fear and trepidation on Ed's part. In the past the club has filled up with a rush at about 11:30pm as people get kicked out of pubs and want to carry on drinking somewhere. So now that various places in town were open till 12 or later that obviously wasn't going to happen. It still got full though, just a bit slower, and a bit more steadily. So that was good :)

As it was the birthday Furry a bunch of Ed's friends that aren't often at Furry came out ... it's always a little awkward, coz we kinda know them from parties at Ed's, but they're a group that all know each other and we don't know them much (except Ed) so we're always a little on the outside. Was cool though - we talked to Mike & Emma for a bit about music and a bit later on talked to Sean for a while about geeky things (which was weird - I'd not realised he worked at BT, or that he was even into computers ... he's mostly talked about music before, and he's a DJ, and somehow seemed 'too cool for us', but he's not like that at all really). I couldn't quite hear most of the conversation (loud music, after all) but he and J were chattering away for quite a while. Sean's on some super-dooper broadband trial, so has something like 8 times our up bandwidth as his down bandwidth and lots more up bandwidth ... so we were jealous ;) They all wussed out by 1:30am, which surprised us a bit. We wussed out at 2, so clearly we're just so much cooler ;)

And this morning, I'm tired but surprisingly not as hungover as I feel I might deserve - helped by the fact that I spotted they had Worthington's in cans, so we weren't drinking Newky Brown all night :)