December 4th, 2005


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I spent a large chunk of time yesterday afternoon sorting out labels - I've managed to get OpenOffice to do most of the work, I found branded label sizes that were the same dimensions as the ones I bought, and I figured out how to get it to import a csv list of addresses and then print them out. I exported the stuff I had in my Thunderbird address book, then tweaked it by hand to get it right - removed the extra fields, un-mangled addresses where people have more than a single street line or a single town line (It doesn't cope gracefully with stuff such as 'Flat Number, Street Line, Suburb Line, Town Line, County, Post Code' which more than one of my Christmas card recipients has). The labels I've bought are a trifle large, but we can always trim them ... and I'll know for next time (in about 10 years, given number of labels in a packet ;) ).

We're short half a dozen or so addresses too, including some (most?) of the US ones ... if you got a Christmas card from us last year and you've moved in the intervening time, drop me a mail with your new address, would you? I'll be sending out 'Oi you! Address!' emails, too, possibly today.

And that pretty much used up the usefulness of my brain, yesterday. By 7pm I was shattered, and ready to sleep. But as I hadn't cooked dinner by that stage I did that instead. The dried chili I put in was a bit of damp squib and I'd failed to find peanuts on Friday, so instead of 'Spicy Chicken with Peanuts' we had 'Mildly Flavoured Chicken with Cashew Nuts'. Which was rather nice anyway ;)

Played some Q4 in the afternoon - Domination mod. We got the teams about right for the 4 of us that played - me & Chris vs. Jo & J. Split the two people who're better, the two people who have better machines and the two people that have the best pings. So we were fairly evenly matched. Might be a worth a try with Team Deathmatch with that set up, sometime :)

Played some Civ4 as well, after dinner. Started a game on Archipelagos, fell behind miserably. I don't do well with sea-faring ;) Started a different game on Pangaea which is going better - might play more of that later today. I'm hoping for a cultural or spaceship victory - but I think I'll need to crush the Germans first - they have a nice bit of real estate to my east that I'd appreciate ;)