December 7th, 2005


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Stuff happened!

Sunday Ed came over for dinner in the evening ... dinner & drinks & Settlers. And, for probably the first time ever, we didn't stall at the drinks bit and just talk about music while finishing the wine. We actually moved on and played Settlers while finishing the wine, and getting more wine and finishing that, too ;) Ed seemed to enjoy Settlers, too, so hopefully we'll organise another evening sometime soonish. Possibly including a bit less wine, and a bit less of the 'staying up till 2:30am', too ;)

That did mean that Monday started later than intended, and with rather more hangover than wished for. We did manage to drag ourselves out of bed and into a semi-coherent state to face the day by midday, though. So off we went to catch a train into London. It was rather weird going and getting a train for the first time in about 6 months - the girl at the station cafe still remembered I take my coffee black, which was kinda cool :)

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