December 11th, 2005


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Totally forgot to update yesterday, ah well. Now I need rack my brains and try and remember Friday, which seems rather a long time ago ;)

I think I mostly read my current book - and finished it. Next will be re-reading the GRRM books, as I think we're number 14 in the queue for the latest one at the library now, and I've got to get through the first one before J can start it (he's a slower reader than me). I liked the Zelazny I was reading ("The Chronicles of Amber") - though it must've been annoying reading them as they were published, each of the first four books in this collection ends on a cliff-hanger. The fifth one has a sense of conclusion though, which is good as that's the last in this set. There are, I think, another 5 books so I'll keep my eye out for them. I liked the sense of intrigue, and that none of the characters was as one dimensional as it first seemed - as the protagonist recovers his memory in the first book his siblings seem lined up as Good vs. Evil, but as the story progresses they all have complex motivations and none of their actions are quite as they seem. Even the eventual 'villain' is mostly just fucked up rather than Bad & Evil. I did, however, find myself skimming some of the descriptions, particularly of the hellrides - aesthetically I can appreciate the way the description was put together (sentence fragments and snippets of images) but actually reading it took more effort than I was willing to put in as it would've meant slowing down and reading word-by-word rather than at the sentence/image level as I normally do.

Yesterday, all Civ all the time. Except for the roast dinner, but even that was mostly cooked during a civ game. I finished the GOTM, and submitted it - defeat, Saladin won a time victory. I was ~20 turns off a cultural victory though, but I think if I'd had the extra turns then one of the AIs would've got a spaceship victory so I'd still've lost. Never mind, wasn't a bad game for my first go at Noble - and playing for the competition forced me to play through to the end which I rarely do if the game isn't going totally smoothly. And Ellen and I played some of a multiplayer game, too - we're mostly being peaceful, though when we stopped for the night we were just gearing up the military machine to take on the Chinese and Egyptian teams - then we'll have a continent to ourselves :)