December 12th, 2005

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Another weekend, another gig. Another last-night-of-tour too, it seems. Last night Porcupine Tree were playing at The Junction in Cambridge, which is a venue I'd never been to before - J'd seen some bands there when we were at uni, but this was before I'd started going to gigs with him. It'd changed since he'd been, though - it's now in the middle of a leisure precinct ... big cinema, lots of chain restuarants.

We found our way there with not much trouble (navigation from memory & a too small scale map, I thought I did well :) ), and bumped into peagles just as we were coming out of the car park, which saved a phone call. We disdained the chain restaurants and headed into the town to find food. We walked past The Fountain, where many Cambridge Snowplains Meets started, and it had been done up all posh & yuppified. As the menu looked rather nice, we thought we'd eat there - partly for the nostaglia value. I think they'd taken out a bunch of internal half-walls, and sanded down the floorboards (they were paler than I remembered) ... the decor was all greys, whites & pale blues, and the tables were very pale pine. All in all, it looked very different - but we could recognise the tiling on the floor around the bar, and some other bits. Unfortunately the food, while quite nice, was a little on the small side portion-wise and a little on the high side price-wise (though Paul's drink took the biscuit - £4 a pint of Hoegarden??). Definitely not the pub to go for meets any more, if anyone was likely to do a Cam meet. They were lacking on the beer front, too - 5 pumps for bitters, only 2 labelled and one of those was off anyway. So nice food, but over-priced & not worth going back. Shame when that happens to a place one has fond memories of.

After coffee (and chocolate cake for the chaps) in a cafe in town we headed back to The Junction, and joined the suddenly rather large queue. Once inside we hit the merch desk & the bar in short order. J and I got his'n'hers matching tops, oops ;) They had jersey tops with the Signify artwork on - the sort of tops where it looks like you're wearing a t-shirt over a long sleeve top, but actually it's just sleeves etc sown onto a t-shirt. They had skinny fit ones & normal ones, so we got one each. Now to make sure we never wear them at the same time ;) It's my turn, today :)

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It was a good show :)

The drive home was uneventful, and the cat was pleased at our return - which he showed by sulking till we showed signs of feeding him ;)

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It appears that the problem with the car is that the spring has broken - the noise was the broken end of the spring resting against the tire. So just as well J didn't drive it to the garage & got someone out to tow it instead. And good that it happened while the car was stationary (or going very slowly)!

In garage, being fixed tomorrow.
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