December 19th, 2005


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Another updateless weekend - easier to forget when I've actually got things to do in the morning rather than just chores :) Saturday morning we got up bright and early (well, 8:30am, that's early for the weekend) and headed off into town to go to the cinema. We figured we might as well go to one of the cheap morning showings of The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe since we've already overspent on the entertainment budget this month what with 2 gigs at the start of the month ;) We didn't quite make it in time for the first one of the day, so had a coffee and flicked through the magazine about films that was sitting in the cafe. I enjoyed the film :) I thought they stayed true to the story (the added bit at the start was likely necessary to explain what evacuation was to children whose grandparents were probably too young to remember the war if they were even alive then), and I thought the children were well cast. Sure, the effects were sometimes a little flimsy, but the stories are more a charming fable than the heavy myth of LotR so a feeling of unreality didn't seem entirely out of place.

Other things ... spent a lot of time playing Civ. Unsurprisingly. Ellen & I played a bit more of our game from last weekend (which I'd forgotten about!), but decided we'd screwed up by not deciding on a victory condition early enough - hence we attacked too late for successful conquest, but the war damaged any hope of the other victory conditions.

Did a bit of debugging on my Q3 log analyser ... I've got it shifting the player data around when they disconnect, but I've got inappropriate carry over of data in reused variables. Scope coming back to bite me, I think. Or at least, J suggests that I might be able to solve the problem by localising things better.

Wrapped presents, ordered our own presents, got together parcels for posting. Started to worry about if anyone will like what we got them, and if we got people enough given what they seem to be getting us ... that's an annual part of the Christmas experience ;) Next year I'll start thinking about presents earlier (and that thought's also an annual occurence!).