December 24th, 2005


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It's always weird not having the cat around - kept expecting him to come back in and crack out round the house ...

I wrote more of my quake 3 log analyser - if you kill yourself it doesn't affect your kills total anymore, or the weapons one (though I don't generate any visible stats on weapons yet). The next thing I'm going to work on is weapons stuff & favourite victim/killer etc which meant changing the output a bit - there's not really the space in a table to display all of that, so now each player links to a page about the player. It's not pretty at the moment, but the concept is there. Bots don't have their own pages, as they're not interesting, but their skill level is displayed on the main table too (in brackets after the name). Interestingly the skill levels don't cluster quite as I expected - I think that's because when we started level 4 bots were a little too tough for us, but over time we got better and level 5 bots were the tough ones. Eventually I'm planning to generate stats for the last 10 games & the last game as well as for total games.

In the evening was J's karate club Christmas dinner. One of the reasons it's not felt as Christmas-y this year is that we've not had a run of social things - obviously no work Christmas do for me, but also none for J (the restructuring they've done in his part of BT recently appears to have ignored any concept of social interaction within teams, people are too spread out and the teams are too fluid). And the karate one was very late in the season. It was quite fun :) We met in The Milestone (sister pub to The Dove), for a beer before dinner - I had Thwaite's Good Elf, J had Santa's Midnight Moonshine (but I forget the brewery). I survived the social awkwardness of my response to the conversation opening gambit "So, do you still work up in Norwich then?" ;) The meal itself was in Salentino's, an Italian restuarant just across the road from the pub - I believe the owner/manager (not sure which) has a child who trains in the karate club (I think that's the connection), so we were well looked after. Both J and I had parma ham and melon for starter, I had the chicken with cherry tomatoes for main and J had turkey with mushrooms and a white wine sauce. And mince pies for dessert for us both. I think my only quibble about the food would be that there was too much garlic, I can still taste it and I felt somewhat queasy last night (no, the wine didn't help, but it wasn't the cause of the queasiness). But whilst actually eating it I enjoyed it a lot :) Obviously I always feel a bit like an outsider when we go out with these people, but they're all generally friendly and I'm always astonished people remember my name from year to year (and even where I worked too). Good evening.